mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Gift Ideas ☆ Outfit of the day

Currently listening at... <3

Hello hello w w w ~ Oggi è stata una giornata un po' così così. Prima o poi ci daranno indietro i risultati degli esami é_é
Poco male.
Dunque, dunque, sono in ritardo con I regali di natale. In particolare non ho ancora regalato niente alla mia migliore amica. Si lo so, sono pessima x°D
Quindi sapendo che siamo entrambe due patite di Totoro ho deciso di optare per qualcosa di molto personale dipingendo una tazza <3 
Non costa  niente, basta comprare i colori apposta.

 Ho fatto un pacchettino e domani glielo porto Chissà, spero le faccia piacere >_<

 This is a very cute and nice gift idea °w° I got it watching some Bubzbeauty videos on youtube and I thought "Since i'm late for my best friend's chirstmas present why not this?".
She absolutley loves Totoro and so do I.
I guess this could become a very personal present, and people might actually really appreciate it, but since I'm not so gifted in drawing maybe it is not as good x°D warau warau w w w
I really hope that she will like it *crosses fingers*

Outfit of today ~
Eccomi qua, come al solito sempre troppo influenzata dallo stile uzzlang .-.
It still looks a lot like uzzlang style. I guess I should stop wearing too many dark colours such as brown, gray, dark blue, red and start pink and white things >_<

giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

Hellow World ~ヾ(^∇^)

Euh I'm so unsure on how to open this blog properly.
First of all I would like to explane that due to "language issues" I have no idea in which language i'm gonna post. I guess i'll post in whatever I feel and maybe translate it later.
Or just follow my followers ( ゚▽゚)/

Also you'll probably have already noticed that despite it's name there's nothing about pikachu over here, but duh Pikachu's awesome and deserved a tribute *laughs*
Well, well as an opening post this sounds pretty lame ._. 
Anyways as being interested in Gyaru's (and Uzzlang) this is probably going to follow pretty much this topic. 
I know I'm not a gyaru yet. But I'll do my best and try hard.
Bye, bye. 
You've got the swag ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ